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C&C Medical’s S.A, has a foreign trade department specialized in the export and import of diverse products related to the pharmaceutical industry. In the foreign trade department we have a clear objective and an indisputable vocation: To make your internationalization process easier.

The formation of strategic alliances among C&C Medical's S.A., the Pharmaceutical Industry and associated Distributors of different capital cities around the world has provided us the possibility of establishing a presence in the international market.

Since then, the team work of our staff together with the required management has resulted in an optimized logistics for the provision of products in any place of the world, guaranteeing the quality of the medicine at its destination point.

Today, after years of activity in the International market, our group has positioned in different points of East Europe, America, Pacific Islands and the Southeast of Asia, creating new opportunities. Therefore, in C&C Medical’s S.A. we are interested in exploring new possibilities of business development with Clinical Investigation Organizations, Universities’ Investigation Centers, Laboratories and Private Distributors.


We represent the following National Laboratories in various countries:
» Laboratory Pablo Cassara
» Laboratory Varifarma
» Laboratory Eriochem

We work in the following countries, developing businesses and opening new horizons:

   Geórgia      Republic of Macedonia
   Kazakhstan      Montenegro
   Kosovo      Bosnia
   Albania      Republic of Armenia
   Vietnam      Uzbekistan
   Azerbajian      Laos
   Republic of Yemen      Myanmar


We are the exclusive representatives of the Icelandic Laboratory Lysi in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

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