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Traceability Management System

The traceability of medicines allows to know exactly the route of the pharmaceutical specialties from the origin laboratory to the end of the delivery process, guaranteeing at all moments the access to the drugs’ route, ensuring its correct arrival to the recipient. We have incorporated a bar code label to the products we deliver to all our Clients (both national and international). Advantages:

» It provides a unique and non-ambiguous identification of all pharmaceutical products.

» It provides a reduction of mistakes in the identification of products.

» It allows tracing products and reconstructing their trajectory, making it possible to localize them for their prompt and effective withdrawal of the market.

» It does not affect the privacy rights of the Patients, as well as the Laboratories' commercialization data.

» It allows us to comply with the Good Practices for the Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products.

» It allows us to guarantee the commercial Management to our clients as well as to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Considering the continuous changes in the medicines market in particular, and in the health market in general, and the needs faced by our Clients, our know-how and expertise allow us to provide concrete solutions.


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